Pirith Ceremony

An all-night Pirith chanting ceremony was held at CECB Head Office building on Friday the 06th of April starting from 9.00 p.m. till the dawn of next day. President Maithripala Sirisena participated this occasion by the invitation of Chairman of CECB Eng.G.D.A.Piyatilake. Many retired employees of the Bureau also participated the event.

This ceremony was followed by alms giving ceremony to 45 members of the Maha Sanghe.

The Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau started its operations on 10th of April 1973. The religious ceremony was held in view of celebrating the 45 years of service of the bureau.


The Natural Resources Management & Laboratory Services Department of Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau has organized a conference to mark the 45th Anniversary of CECB, in August 2018. Presently the Abstract submission is going on.


Sports Meet

A Sports Meet will be held to celebrate the 45th anniversary, while increasing interactions, communications and bonding among employees.

Talent show

Talent show to demonstrate the talents of employees will be show cased as one of the main highlights of the 45th Anniversary Celebration of CECB.

1. Pirith Ceremony: 6th of April 2018
2. Conference: August 2018
3. Talent Show: Date to be announced
4. Sports Meet: Date to be announced