Completed Projects


  Project Name        Construction of Telecity project at Ranminitanna
  Location within Country Ranminitenna
  Start Date (Month/Year)  November 2008
  Completed Date (Month/Year) January 2010
  Client  Ministry of Mass media & Information No.163,KirulaponeMawatha, Colombo 05.  

Description of Project :

Administration Building (Film Biz Park) – Approximate floor area is 2590m2 Four storied RCC framed structure with strip footing raft & pad footing foundations, columns, and slab & beam arrangement. Roof is constructed with RCC slabs. All floors are cement rendered except in toilet areas where floors are tiled. Walls are constructed with locally available clay bricks and finished with cement plaster. Internal walls are finished smooth with wall putty and painted. External walls are cement plastered to the required texture and painted. Doors and windows are made out of aluminium or timber depending on architect’s requirement. Biz Park is provided with 20m3 RCC water tank. Also RCC ramp is incorporated in the design. Entire surrounding area of the biz park is landscaped as per architect’s design. Installation of passenger lift is out of the scope of this agreement.

Accommodation & Restaurant (Type C) - Approximate floor area is 1270m2 including corridors Two storied accommodation & restaurant building consists of accommodation rooms at upper floor and restaurant at Ground floor. 7Nos of Dometry type rooms can accommodate 5 to 6 number of people depending on room size. All rooms are provided with attached bath rooms and toilets. Structure is made with RCC frame structure with timber roof frame and Calicut tiled roof. Structural components are pad footings, RRM wall foundations, ground beams, columns beams, slabs and staircase. Also concrete filled steel tubes are provided at rear side for aesthetic purpose. All doors and windows are made with luxury class timber (Teak or Jack) except in toilet are. Toilet doors are selected to suit the wet condition. Also sewer and waste water disposal system id included in the proposal.

Accommodation Building (Type B) – Approximate floor area is 1430m2 including corridors Two storied building with RCC frame structure designed for accommodations. There are 24 Nos of double bed rooms with attached bathroom & toilets. The structure is consists of RCC pad footings, ground beams, RRM wall foundations, RRC columns, slab & beams. Root is made with Calicut tiles on timber framework. All walls are constructed with locally available clay bricks and plastered with cement mortar. Internal walls are finished smooth with wall putty and painted. Floors are cement rendered and toilets floors are tilled. Doors and windows are made with luxury class timber (Teak or Jack). Two RCC stair cased are provided in both sides of the ‘L’ shape building. Concrete in filled steel tube column are provided in rear side of the building for aesthetic purpose. Building is also provided with sewer and waste water disposal system.

Accommodation Type A (Villas) – Approximate floor area is 105m2 per block Five blocks of two unit single storey accommodation (Shelly) are constructed. Each unit is consisted of double room, toilet & pantry area veranda and a podium. Accommodation units are constructed with RRM wall foundations, local clay brick walls and Calicut type roof and timber framework. Floor is cement rendered and toile floor and walls are tilled. Internal walls are plastered with cement mortar and finished smooth with wall putty and painted. External walls are rough cement plastered and painted. Ceiling is exposed rafter timber ceiling painted with varnish. Decorative timber columns are provided at front of each unit. Podium is constructed with rubble and brick and finished with clay, cement mixture. All villas are provided with water supply, waste water and sewer disposal system.

Service Building – Approximate floor area is 430m2 Two storied building with RCC frame and brick or block walls and RRM wall foundations, Ground floor shall ne designed for the installation of standby generator and fuel tank with sound proofing wall around the generator room. Upper floor is for maintenance workshop and office. Roof is constructed with steel frame work and asbestos roof covering. All external walls are finished with rough cement plaster and painted. Interior finish is semi rough finish. Floors are cement rendered except toilets where tilled floor and walls to be provided. All doors and windows are either timber or aluminiuml. Asbestos flat ceiling with timber framework shall be provided in the eservice building. Services such and Sewer and waste water disposal system shall be provided.

Workshop – Approximate floor area is 615m2 Workshop building is single story portal framed steel structure with RCC pad footings. Roof is covered with Zn/Al roofing sheets with high tensile roofing purlins. Entire building is surrounded with 150mm thick. Cement block wall on RRM foundations. Heat insulations are provided for the roof. All doors are timber, aluminium or steel depending on detail design. Floor of the workshop is constructed with in-situ concrete and finished either power troweling or cement rendering. All steel work is painted anticorrosive paints and enamel paints. Wall is semi rough cement rendered and painted.

Internal standing set Building (Studio) - Approximate floor area is 2050m2 Internal standing set building is a single storey steel or RCC structure building with steel roof frame with Zn/Al roofing cover. This is semi sound proofed building to be used for indoor film shooting. The sound level shall be limited to 40-50 db inside and this may vary little bit according to technical requirement s of stakeholders. Walls are constructed with cement blocks and building height is approximately 9m. Catwalk system at roof level shall be provided. Floor shall be constructed with RCC insitu concrete and finished by power trowelling. Internal wall are finished to rough texture to minimize sound eco. Electrical wiring for filming purposes shall not be done under this scope. Sewer disposal system and waste water disposal system is provided for the building.

Description of Services Provided:

a) Preparation of schematic, conceptual and detailed architectural drawings.
b) Preparation of detailed structural, water supply & drainage and electro-mechanical drawings
c) Preparation of tender documents, tender evaluations and award of construction on subcontractor’s works.
d) Project planning and construction management.