Completed Projects


  Project Name        Feasibility study of Giciye Small Hydro Power Project
  Location within Country Nyabihu in Ruhengeri, Ruwanda
  Start Date (Month/Year)  September 2008
  Completed Date  (Month/Year) September 2009
  Client  East Africa Tea Trade Association  

Description of Project :

Giciye Small Hydro Power project located 150 Km North East of Kigali capitals. This Run of the river scheme will be constructed in Giciye river. Installed capacity will be 4.5 MW. Estimated cost is 7.0 Million USD.

Description of Services Provided:

1. Topographical surveys
2. Geotechinical Investigations
3. Hydrological Studies
4. Detail design of diversion weir, power canal desilting tank, fore bay tank, penstock, power house access road
5. Preparation of cost estimates
6. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Study Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB)