Completed Projects


  Project Name Geotechnical Consultancy Services for the Proposed Nyamwamba Small Hydropower Project
  Location within Country Uganda - East Africa, Kilembe
  Start Date (Month/Year)  August 2010
  Completed Date   (Month/Year) May 2011
  Client  South Asia Energy Management Systems, USA Plot 02, Naguru Summit View, PO Box 3655, Kampala  

Description of Project :

The Project envisages the construction of a 12 MW Hydropower Scheme. Project components include the following;

• 2 m high Tyrolean-type Weir
• Power House (6 MW, two Horizontal axis Francis Turbines)
• Gross head 190m
• Tailrace (concrete) – 3km
• Buried Penstock of 1.6 km
Description of Services Provided:

CECB is providing local counterpart staff to the lead consultant in the fields of Geology and Geotechnical Engineering for carrying out a complete Geotechnical Study for the Project. The staff provided covers the following disciplines;
• Civil and Geotechnical Engineering
• Geology
All geotechnical investigations and studies including borehole logging, analysis and reporting along with recommendations are to be provided. Special consultation works for the design and construction of the weir will also be provided.