Completed Projects


  Project Name        Design and Construction of a Diversion Weir across Kuda Oya near Aralaganwila in Polonnaruwa District
  Location within Country Aralaganwila in Polonnaruwa
  Start Date (Month/Year)  February 2014
  Completed Date  (Month/Year) June 2015
  Client  Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka  

Description of Project :

A 4.0m high gravity type concrete weir across Kuda oya located near Aralaganwila. Crest length of the spillway is 60.0m. Spillway is broad crested and the downstream chute consists of steps for energy dissipation. No special stilling basin was provided except heavy boulder packing on the d/s bed.

Description of Services Provided:

• Detail Site Surveys.
• Detail Geological investigations.
• Detail Design of the dam, spillway and sluice gates. Environmental Impact Assessment study. Construction of the weir.