Completed Projects


  Project Name        1000 Ha. Of Mahaweli system “G” Irrigation Rehabilitation
  Location within Country 200km North East from Colombo, close to Bakamuna town
  Start Date (Month/Year)  May 2001
  Completed Date  (Month/Year) December 2001
  Client  Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka  

Description of Project :

Existing Mahaweli System “G” area at present receives water from Ambanganga Diversion at Elahera. Diverted water flows through Elahara –Minneriya Yoda Ela which feeds Mahaweli System “G” on its way to Minneriya. Irrigation network at System “G” was requiring rehabilitation due to deterioration for a long period. By year 2001 a grant aid was received from the EU for rehabilitation and the project was named as Mahaweli Consolidated Project. Client MASL appointed CECB and MCB for the consultancy services. CECB provided consultancy services for 7 DCO areas (approximately 1000Ha) in Mahaweli System “G” under this project.

Description of Services Provided:

• Conducting PRA meetings with DCOs
• Transect walks or walkthrough surveys to identify the problems in the irrigation network
• Carrying out topographical surveys
• Design and preparation of drawings and estimates
• Conducting ratification meetings
• Preparing Tender Documents for award of construction contracts
• Construction Supervision
• Taking measurements of work
• Checking contractor’s monthly progress claims and preparation of payment certificates
• Handing over of completed works to client and the DCOs.