Completed Projects


  Project Name        Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the proposed Mahagona Wewa Irrigation Project.
  Location within Country  
  Start Date (Month/Year)  August 2011
  Completed Date  (Month/Year) January 2012
  Client  Irrigation Department  

Description of Project :

The Hurulu Ela, which is located about 2 km downstream of the proposed tank Intersects the proposed irrigable area under this project. At present this proposed irrigable area is being cultivated using water obtained by illicit tapping from the Hurulu Ela. This has resulted in water shortages for farmers in the downstream of the Hurulu Wewa Irrigation Scheme. Hence the main objectives of this project are as follows:

• Providing water for cultivation of 615 acres of crown and private lands resulting in increased cropping intensity and production
• Providing an assured supply of water for the farmers in the area for agricultural activities Up to 500 families will benefit from the project
• Improved water management and drainage facilities
• Preventing/minimizing illicit tapping from the Hurulu Ela
• Inducing farmer organization development
• Improved access facility through construction of an access road to villagers and farmers for transporting agricultural products to markets
• Increased water availability for wildlife
The study comprises baseline survey on existing conditions of physical, ecological, economical and social conditions of proposed and existing project sites.

Description of Services Provided:

CECB is providing consultant services in the fields of Environmental Assessments and Geotechnical investigations for carrying out a complete Initial Environmental Examination for the Project.
The staff provided covered the following disciplines;

• Civil, Geological and Geotechnical Engineering
• Environmental Management and Environmental Testing
• Ecology and Sociology
All studies including ecological and sociological surveys, documentation, coordination and reporting activities are carried out by CECB.