Completed Projects

Ports and Coastal

  Project Name        RAA Dhuvaafaru Harbour and AA Ukulhas Harbour Projects
  Location within Country Male, Republic of Maldives
  Start Date (Month/Year)  April 2007
  Completed Date   (Month/Year) April 2009
  Client  Ministry of Construction & Public Infrastructure Republic of Maldives  

Description of Project :

    The Ministry of Construction and Infrastructures (MCP) of Republic of Maldives appointed the Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau of Sri Lanka (CECB) as the Consultant for the construction of a new harbour at Dhuvaafaru island, North Maalhosmudulav Atoll and rehabilitation of AA Ukilhas Harbour. The Project comprises of following features in each harbour.

    RAA Dhuvaafaru Harbour
    Construction of break waters having total length of 300m, construction of shore revetments, construction of quays wall with precast concrete units and dredging of habour basin and access channel.

    AA Ukulhas Harbour
    Construction of break waters total having total length of 250m

Description of Services Provided:

    RAA Dhuvaafaru Harbour
    Numerical Model Studies with available data. Design and preparation of construction drawings for relevant structures such as breakwaters, quay walls, revetments etc. Preparation cost estimates, tender documents for international bidding, tender negotiations and supervision works. Contract administration.

    AA Ukulhas Harbour
    Design and preparation of construction drawing for breakwaters. Preparation of tender documents for international bidding. Contract administration and review of contractor’s claims.