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Ports and Coastal

  Project Name        Design and Construction supervision of Quay at Naval Base Trincomalee
  Location within Country Trincomalee, Eastern Province
  Start Date (Month/Year)  September 1988
  Completed Date  (Month/Year)

March 1994

  Client  Sri Lanka Navy  

Description of Project :

    The Project envisaged construction of a jetty, an access bridge and other associated structures. The Jetty having dimensions of 208m x 20m was designed for berthing of 10,000 DWT ship. The Jetty which was designed to have the facility for mooring ships on both sides connected to the mainland by an access bridge having total length of 55m. The Jetty and the bridge were supported on caisson / cylinder foundation system which were extended into the bedrock found at about 18m below MSL. The superstructure of the jetty and the access bridge comprised Prestress beams/girders and insitu deck.
    The project construction was commenced in 1991 and abandon due to termination of the contract in 1994. At the time of termination 60 percent of caisson foundation works were completed and 70 percent of precast deck beams were cast.

Description of Services Provided:

    CECB was involved in geotechnical investigation, designs(all civil, mechanical, electrical engineering works) , preparation of tender documents, tendering and tender evaluations, preparation of construction documents and construction supervisions.