Completed Project

Roads and Bridges

  Project Name        Consultancy Services for Local Bank Funded Road Rehabilitation Projects
  Location within Country Western, Central, Uva and Sabaragamuwa Provinces
  Start Date (Month/Year)  May 2013
  Completed Date  (Month/Year) December 2016
  Client  Road Development Authority

Description of Project :

The Local Bank Funded Road Rehabilitation Projects were planned to uplift the living condition of the public in the Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Western and Central Province by providing access to vital services and renewed economic development oriented activities that will in turn enhance the people’s livelihood in the long term and to help promote economic growth and community development in the affected regions. The funding is being done by the Local Banks of Sri Lanka through Treasury Guarantee and the total cost estimated is about Thirteen billion rupees. The entire package covers over one hundred and Fourty kilometers of roads in the region.

The Project consists of;

A. Widening the road formation to create a cross section that complies with the national standerd for that class of road where possible within the existing Right of Way

B. Formation of the road surface at an elevation above the periodic flooding levels

C. Clearing , improving side drains and outlets

D. Clearing, replacing and improving the hydraulic capacity of cross drainage culverts.

E. Improving the strength of carriageway by using aggregate base course sealed with asphalt binder course and asphalt wearing course.

F. Repair, widening and improving the hydraulic efficiency of causeways.

G. Provision of roadside furniture, traffic signs and signals, and the provision of better and safer access for pedestrians and cyclists.

The project covers the following roads.

1. Awiththawa – Lewwanduwa & Negoda – Neboda Roads - C1
2. Naula – Elahara , Pallegama – Hettipola, Hasalaka – handungamuwa Roads – C2
3. Haputhale – Boralanda – Keppetipola Road – C3
4. Bodagama – Hambegamuwa – Kalthota Road - C4
Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau is acting as the consultant of the project.

Description of Services Provided:

As consultants we are basically responsible for Contract Administration, Design Review, Construction Supervision, Quality Assuarance, Handling claims etc as detailed in the Consultancy Agreement and such are being done.