Completed Projects

Water supply

  Project Name        Bandaranayake International Airport Development Project – Package A Utility Works (STP)
  Location within Country Taisei Mitsubishi Joint Venture
  Start Date (Month/Year)  July 2004
  Completed Date   (Month/Year) May 2005
  Client  BIA Katunayake  

Description of Project :

The Project entails the construction of a STP of 2,000 cum/d capacity with the following components;

Grit Chamber (7m X 2m X 1m)
Oxidation Ditch (42m X 21m X 4.5m)
Sedimentation Tank (18m dia. & 5m depth)
Pump House (20m X 7m X 5m)
Sludge Thickener (3m dia. & 3m depth)
Drying Beds(36m X 23m X 1.5m)
Disinfection Tank (7m X 6m X 4m)

Description of Services Provided:

Check the adequacy of the capacity of the different structural elements
Carrying out the detail structural designs
Preparation of detail construction drawings