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  Project Name        Teaching Hospital, Kothalawala Defense University
  Location within Country Verahera, Boralesgamuwa
  Start Date (Month/Year)  June 2015
  Completed Date (Month/Year) May 2016
  Client  University of Kothalawala Defense  

Description of Project :

Design and Construction of a 704-bed Teaching Hospital Building Complex, comprising a Main Hospital Building (3-storeyed Hospital Block and a 6-storeyed Ward unit) an 15 other multi-storeyed ancillary buildings.
Hospital Block providers all facilities required for a Teaching Hospital, including 22 Modular Operating Theatres, Intensive Care Units, High Dependency Units, Laboratories and other dedicated areas. Provisions are also made for MRI/CT Scan rooms, CSSD, Kitchen, Laundry, Pneumatic Tubing System, etc., Disposal System for Radio-active and other hospital wastes, including an incinerator. A Building Management System and a Hospital Management System also provided.
Ancillary buildings include a unit for Teaching Para-Medics, Hotel facility for the temporary accommodation of patients’ relatives, Accommodation for various ranks of military staff etc.

Description of Services Provided:

1. Review of all detailed Drawings of Architectural, Structural, Water Supply & Drainage, Air Conditioning, Fire Detection & Protection, Passenger Lifts and other Mechanical Services, Electrical (HV, MV, LV & ELV), Road Network, Landscaping, etc.
2. Construction Supervision, Approval of construction materials, methods, systems, etc.
3. Testing & commissioning of Water Supply & Drainage, Electrical (HV, LV, ELV) and Mechanical systems.
4. Selection and approval of Hospital Furniture.